• United
  • Pray
  • and Work

Nojorono Kudus is one of the pioneering kretek, or clove, cigarette manufacturers in Indonesia. Nojorono (*pronounced: No-Yo-Ro-No) was established on 14 October 1932 by Ko Djee Siong and Tan Djing Thay, with its operations centered in the city of Kudus in Central Java. Nojorono Kudus, owner of the trademarks Minak Djinggo and Clas Mild, is currently ranked the fifth largest manufacturer in Indonesia’s cigarette industry.

our history


On 14 October 1932, Koo Djee Siong and Tan Djing Thay established the Nojorono firm as a Commanditaire Vennotschap (Limited Partnership) business entity. The family set up their first cigarette factory and manufactured their first cigarettes that we known as Minak Djinggo, in a former cotton warehouse at Godi Village in North Pati.


To accommodate the growth of the Nojorono firm, the factory relocated to Kudus, known as the city of kretek.


The success achieved by the company’s first generation of owners laid the groundwork for the second-generation owners, Liem Khee Thwan (Benediktus Dewansjah Batihalim), Djie Ing Khing (Ignatius Riadinata Pamudji), and Tjoa Boen Swie (Subiantoro Djuhadi).


The company commences operation of its office headquarters at Jl. Sudirman, Kudus. In 1996, the building underwent renovation to accommodate and optimize the company’s growth. The company still operates from the same location to this day.


The Nojorono firm established its business entity as a Perseroan Terbatas or Limited Company under the new company name of PT Nojorono Tobacco Company Limited.


Nojorono launches the Minak Djinggo Special 14’s, the company’s first product in the category of Machine-Rolled Clove Cigarettes (SKM / Sigaret Kretek Mesin).


Commencing in 1990, the company’s board of management is entrusted to the third generation of the Nojorono family: Stefanus J. J. Batihalim, Harsono Djuhadi, John D. Kusuma, Arifin Pamudji, dan L. Surya Djuhadi.


Nojorono introduces Clas Mild of the Machine-Rolled Mild Clove Cigarettes (SKMM) category with Low Tar Low Nicotine. Within a span of two and a half years, Clas Mild gained wide acceptance among consumers and became the second best-selling product category.


Nojorono launches Clas Mild Silver, another variant of the Machine-Rolled Mild Clove Cigarettes (SKMM) category. Made with the choicest quality tobaccos and cloves, Clas Mild Silver offers a smooth and delectable cigarette.


Nojorono unveils Minak Djinggo Rempah (Minak Djinggo Herbal). Nojorono launched the product in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic as one of its many efforts to sustain the continuity of employment and economy of the people.


  • To become the best managed corporation in the industry
  • To be socially responsible and environmentally conscious


We create value for all our stakeholders through sustainable growth and profitability with strong family ties and dignity



Having been in the industry for more than eighty-eight years, Nojorono Kudus’ operations have always been centered on the time-honored principles of ‘Unite, Pray and Work’ instilled by its founding fathers and implemented through the generations by all elements of the company. Unity: the combined determination and conviction which forms the solid core of the company’s strength. Pray: to call upon the Creator’s omnipotent power to guide, protect and bless each and every step that Nojorono takes. Work: a genuine passion for work will produce results that are commendable, valuable and beneficial for all elements within Nojorono.


Reflecting the character of young Krishna, Nojorono implements its five primary values on all stakeholders of the company under the acronym of F.A.I.T.H. Our FAITH guides us forward;

  1. To keep up harmony in Fraternity for synergy
  2. Be Accountable, serve by heart and with integrity
  3. To promote value Innovation and creativity with continuous improvements
  4. Be Trustworthy, respectful and self-motivated
  5. To continually pursue High performance for sustainable growth and profitability

The Essence of Nojorono

The strength of the name NOJORONO in the Javanese script is represented by the noble axiom of “Creation, Intention, Sense and Ignite”.

The power of mind and imagination in creation.
The Wisdom that encourages to achieving the goals
Sensitivity to the social environment and understanding life purpose
Harmonization of expectations inline with company goals

The word of NOJORONO, in Javanese characters, implies the meaning of: Be created (ONO) by the founding fathers as an endeavor places (KARYO) with a whole-heartedly (ROSO) so can continues to shine (NOER) and become a blessing to others.

Nadyan ora kasad mata pasti ana.
(Invisible but existing)
Jangkane mung jenak jenjeming jiwaraga.
(Wish for the peaceful and serenity of the soul.)
Rasakena rakete lan angganira.
(Feel blending with your body and soul.)
Nur candra, warsitaning candara.
(Human hope is always to the divine-light.)